Gmail Integration

Users can emails either using Partenero's e-mail server or a 3rd party e-mail service, such as Gmail.

In order to use Gmail, the user needs to create a specific password within the Gmail configurations in order to protect the account.

Steps to send e-mails via Gmail:

1. Create an app password within Gmail by accessing the security console:

2. Go to "Signing in to Google" and select "App passwords"

3. Choose the option "Other (Custom name)" in the "Select app" field

4. Add a custom name, such as "Partenero" and click "Generate"

5. Copy the generated password

6. Go to Partenero > Settings > Email Configuration

7. Set "Send emails using" as "SMTP"

8. Set "Host" as ""

9. Set "Port" as "465"

10. Check "Secure - use SSL?"

11. Set "User" as your Gmail e-mail

14. Set "Password" as the generated password in step 5

15. Send a test email by filling up the field in front of the button "Send test email to" and then pressing the button

Configuring Gmail

Configuring Gmail