Integration with Make

Formerly known as Integromat, Make is one the most powerful visual integration tools in the market.

It connects over 1,300 apps and provides both an easy step-by-step interface and more advanced options using code.

Make provides a generous free account that allows up to 1,000 executions per month (whereas Zapier provides only 100).

Integration example: copying Clients from Partenero to Google Sheets

  1. Create a Make account:

  2. Click "Create new scenario"

  3. Choose "HTTP"

4. Choose "Make a request"

5. Add the URL to retrieve clients:

6. Add the Header parameter "api-key". This information is available at Partenero's user profile page.

7. Set the option "Parse response" as "yes"

Partenero's API Key

Partenero's API Key

8. Click "Run" to test the connection and retrieve test data

9. Click "Add another Module" and choose "Google Sheets"

10. Choose "Add row"

11. Connect your Google Sheets accounts, choose a file and a sheet

12. Choose the fields from the data returned by the API

13. Click "Run" and check if the test data was sent your Google Sheets file