NPS Report

This report details all metrics related to NPS surveys:

  • NPS Score;

  • Promoters: number and % of promoter users;

  • Neutral users: number of neutral users;

  • Detractors: number and % of detractor users;

  • Respondents: number of respondents;

  • Sent surveys: number of sent surveys.


  • Journey stages;

  • Client;

  • Survey name;

  • Sent date;

  • Search by client name.


  • Export: exports the report data based on the filters selected;

  • Configurations: this allows for changing the indicators presented on the screen.

Report sections:

  • Metrics: by selecting a specific indicator, the other graphs are updated;

  • Timeline: shows the evolution of the chosen indicator;

  • Client table: details the clients related to a specific indicator;

  • Indicator table: details the respondents of the selected indicator.

NPS Report - Indicators and Filters

NPS Report - Timeline

NPS Report - Timeline

NPS Report - Clients table

NPS Report - Clients Table

NPS Report - Respondents

NPS Report - Respondents