A playbook describes a specific strategy by breaking it down into repeatable activities. It is normally revisited based on changes in priorities and execution feedback.


  • Ensure predictability of activities in a given situation;

  • Control of execution quality;

  • Help develop effective training programs;

  • Clearly defines the goals to be achieved;

  • Make business management more practical;

  • Avoid mistakes during execution.

Playbook Template

The playbook template is a set of activities that can be repeated on many clients to achieve a specific goal.

Creating a playbook template:

  1. Click on settings in the main menu -> Playbook templates -> New playbook;

  2. Fill in the playbook information and click on the "Save" button.

Playbook Templates

Playbook Templates

Tasks Tab

Select the tab “Tasks” and click “New Task”. After completing the task information, click on save.

Playbook Tasks

Playbook Tasks

New Task

Note: The field "Due date (in days)" sets the task duration after the playbook is activated.

New Task

New Task