Success Plan

A success plan (or action plan) is a tool used to solve and avoid problems through the 5W2H methodology, consisting of the following questions:

  • What: a short description of the activity to be carried out;

  • Why: the reason for carrying out the activity;

  • Who: responsible for execution;

  • When: expected date of execution;

  • How: how will it be carried out;

  • How much?: cost of the activity.

In addition to these questions, the action plan can also comprise more information and tasks.

List View

Success plans can be accessed from the main menu or the client menu.

  • Available actions:

  • New success plan;

  • Edit a success plan;

  • Delete a success plan.

The information available in the list of success plans:

  • Description;

  • Responsible;

  • Client;

  • Status;

Link: survey linked to the success plan (if any).

Success plans

Success Plans

New Success Plan

On this screen it is possible to include the description of the success plan and to describe the tasks to be performed.

Information tab - available fields:

  • Subject: name of the success plan;

  • Type: type of success plan;

  • Customer: customer name;

  • Responsible: responsible for the client (from the CS team);

  • Term: estimated completion date;

  • Status: status of the success plan;

  • Priority;

  • Description: details about the plan;

  • Resolution: feedback on the success plan's progress;

  • Attachments.

Success Plan - Information

Success Plan - Information

Tasks tab

Lists the tasks linked to the action plan.

It also allows you to create new tasks.

Success Plan - Tasks

Success Plan - Tasks

New Task

Required information:

  • Title;

  • Due date;

  • Status;

  • Attachments.

New Task

New Task