Survey Creation

Surveys are great to collect feedback from your clients and users. By default, Partenero provides 3 types of surveys:

  • NPS: it measures how likely your clients are to recommend your product or service;

  • CSAT: it is used to gauge whether your product is meeting the client's expectations;

  • Generic: it can be used to create any type of survey.

New Survey

To create a new survey:

  1. Select "Surveys" in the main menu

  2. Click "New survey" in the upper right corner.

  3. Fill in the popup information:

    • Survey name

    • Type

    • Clients that will receive the survey. There are also 2 ways to select multiple customers at once:

  • Journey Stage: We will select all clients within the given stage;

  • Attributes: Will select all customers with the given attribute.

Survey Creation

Survey Creation

New Survey Options

Survey Layout

This screen is used to configure the overall layout of the survey:

  • Title;

  • Type;

  • Logo;

  • Description;

  • Questions.

Survey Layout

Survey Layout


The message tab comprises the customization of the e-mail title, e-mail body, and "thank you" notes. It also has a section for resending messages to unopened e-mails.

E-mail Configuration

E-mail Configuration

Thank you notes

Thank-you Notes

Resend Unopened Emails

Resend Unopened Emails